Ms. Jensen-ELL Department

Mrs. Jensen is a new staff member at Hug this year. She teaches the English Learners class which, as the name would suggest, is to help non-native English speakers navigate the minefield that is the English language. Mrs. Jensen was born and raised in Los Angeles, and lived there until 2010. Before teaching at Hug, she taught for six years at Sparks and for one year at McQueen. Mrs. Jensen came to work at Hug because of the preexisting relationships she had with teachers and staff here.

Although she was seeking a position as a full time teacher, Mrs. Jensen came to teach at Hug once she learned that a part-time position had opened. In the future, she would like to teach English and culinary arts, which she has the credentials for, but for now will stick to EL. She enjoys her job because of the relationships she is able to build with her students, specifically enjoying talking to them (although, according to Jensen, “talking to the kids isn’t the same as teaching the kids”). She says her job is never boring and is different every day. One thing Mrs. Jensen is not so pleased with about her job is the quality of the air conditioning at Hug, an opinion shared by many Hug employees.