Mrs. Aanestad-English


Ms. Aanestad is a part of the new staff here at Hug High School. She attended UC Berkley and got her teaching credential in Hayward. Ms. Aanestad enjoys her job, as she has been teaching for 25 yearsWhen asked about her relationship with her students, she said “Great! I love the students here – they’re the best part of my day and they make all the paperwork and all that stuff worthwhile.”  She feels as though she either has developed or is developing a great relationship with most of her students. “Outgoing, family-oriented, and a little nerdy” are three terms she would use to describe herself.

Great! I love the students here – they’re the best part of my day.”

— Mrs. Aanestad


At first, she wanted to be a journalist but realized that such a career would keep her away from her family. Not wanting that, she switched to a teaching career. This was not as upsetting for her as she had been a tutor, coach, and volunteer. One day had it dawned on her that “teaching was something I was meant to do, as I was doing it already and hadn’t even realized it.” Along with her family, they share a hobby of raising guide dogs for the blind, so clearly the kind heart runs in the family.

Some motivational words Ms. Aanestad wishes to share with Hug and its students are that “decisions terminate panic, so don’t be afraid to make some mistakes, but definitely set some goals, choose a path, and start working towards something” and to “be the change you want to see in the world.” Ms. Aanestad is in room A-07 and is a very kindhearted and easy-going woman. She arriveat Hug in the afternoons every day, so be sure to give her a warm welcome to our school!