Ms. Schefcik-French


She’s new! She’s nice! She’s fluent and she “really hopes to make a difference, make connections with [her] students, be someone [her] students can come to if they ever need me, and just be a great French teacher.” It’s Ms. Schefcik! She’s a new Hug High School French teacher that plans for all her students to travel the world and learn as many languages as possible.

Ms. Schefcik has known her passion for coaching since 3rd grade, stemming from a situation between herself and a former teacher. She states that because she “loved working with people” and her “passions were English and French,” she wanted to do something where she could share those passions. A great trait that she carries is her openness to different cultures: “I love learning about the little cultural differences,” she states. “I love seeing people’s reactions to different cultural experiences, and I just love seeing how different people interact in the world – how they love each other in different places – and I think that’s what makes everyone so unique: how they perceive the world, their actions, and how they look at literature and art.”

Her passion for linguistics doesn’t just stay in school, she also studies French on her own time: “I love seeing the connections, the puns, the cognates and I just think that the history of language is so unique,” she says.  “I love studying it in general.” Ms. Schefcik wishes the best for all her students and hopes that they “have a passion for the language and the people.” 

Ms. Schefcik is a strong believer that languages “ make everyone a little bit more understanding of differences” and she “thinks that is extremely important.” She also states that “learning other languages makes your brain grow in many ways; you get more creative and you get more passionate… it is a way to connect people.” She also hopes that her students know that she’s approachable and she loves to change things to make it more “student-oriented.”

”I just wish that they know that I try to work really hard and I really respect and appreciate when they try to do that as well,” she states. She admits that being a teacher is quite overwhelming and it’s also a challenge” but she loves that. For right now, Ms. Schefcik states that all her students have been absolutely incredible and as one of her students, I welcome Ms. Schefcik with open arms and wish her the best of luck in spreading her knowledge of cultures.