Ms. Mares-Counselor

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Ms. Mares is one of the new guidance counselors at Hug High this year. She was a teacher for eight years, teaching history and yoga. She lived in Long Beach California before moving to Nevada in 2004.

Her students would speak to her about their home lives and their struggles. She started to incorporate her students lives into her history lessons. One day, one of her students told her that they were barely learning about history and they were learning more about their lives. “That is exactly what I want my students to learn,” she said.  “I want them to learn more about themselves. I want them to learn about life.” 

After she had two kids, she decided it was time to go back to school. She got her Master’s Degree in 2014 while she worked as a homeschool teacher. She also took classes to be a marriage family therapist and a school counselor.

Ms. Mares moved from school to school for a while until last year, where she was offered a full-time position at Billinghurst. This is her first year at Hug and she loves it already. She loves working with high school students. She’s very glad that she’s back working at a high school. “It’s where I started my career and it’s where I want to end it.”