Mrs. DeMichieli-Counselor


This new school year at Hug High, we received many new staff members and teachers. One of our new staff members is Andrea DeMichieliguidance counselor. DeMichieli has been enjoying the new school year and is looking forward to helping her students. 

Before coming here to Hug, DeMichieli was a Guidance counselor at Depoali Middle school and has been a counselor for 13 years. She has always wanted to be a counselor and loves to help students with their graduation plan and other situations students may have. A little something she would like for her students to know about her is her love for traveling. She also enjoys going out for dinner and going to the movies in her free time. She looks forward to staying here at Hug High as it is a new experience for her and it’s her first year working at a high schoolIt’s very busy and there is always something to do she says. DeMichieli hopes to see all of her students graduate and succeed in both high school and in the real world. A little advice she would like to give her students is to “Learn a new skill and enjoy high school, get involved with your school and have fun.” She would also like for her students to stay focused and work hard this school year.