Mr. Savage-Special Education

Mark Savage is a new teacher here at Hug High School.  This year, he is teaching 9th grade English and Special Education, co-teaching with Hug High veteran Ms. Kezios.  Mr. Savage has taught for many years in other states and countries, including Mexico.  

Mr. Savage was born in Kentucky, and began his career in El Salvador. Afterwards, he went back to the United States, then Mexico, finally moving to Nevada. In Nevada, Mr. Savage taught for a few years in Fernley, then he went to Reno, where he now teaches today.  He married in Mexico and brought his wife and children to the United States, where the family all lives now.   

Mr Savage is glad that he finally has the chance to teach in Washoe. Previously, he took a job here, but disliked it.  However, he likes the environment and students at Hug and plans to stay.  Overall, he plans to bring his experience in English to help new freshman and students with special challenges achieve their goals.