Mrs. Sego-Assistant Principal


It’s the beginning of a new school year at Hug High school, and many new teachers and administrators have been welcomed to the school. One of these new administrators is Mrs. Sego, an assistant principal. Previously an assistant principal at Traner Middle School, she moved to Hug High School with some of this year’s freshman from Traner. “There are lots of amazing things happening at Hug: equity and diversity training, and really innovative staff!” Sego said.

She plans on connecting with students and their families so she can work with each student individually to play into their interests and strengths. “The first step in motivating students is to find their drive,” Sego said.  She intends to create a multi-tiered system of support for her students, starting with building relationships with the deans and administrators. “The key to connecting with students is to be present and open. The most important policy is to have an open door,” said Sego. She values the relationships she has with students, as she views student and staff loyalty as one of the most important bonds. 

Her biggest accomplishment was finishing her master’s degree while also working full-time and being a mom, and she still plans to advance in her career. Although Sego is currently an assistant principal, she one day hopes to become a principal. Until then, she will continue valuing her time as an assistant principal at Hug. When asked what her favorite thing about Hug High School students was, she responded “they have an awesome sense of humor!”  She looks forward to the coming school year and working with Hug students.