Hug Students Strike for the Green New Deal-Climate Strike at Hug


Greta Thunberg speaks at Climate rally.


The Earth’s climate is undeniably different from the way it was a few decades ago. Rising global temperatures and extreme weather suggest that the world’s climate is changing, yet some politicians still doubt the accuracy of climate change claims. Several politicians, including our president, doubt that climate change exists. Americans try to voice their concerns by using their votes in elections, but for those of us who can’t yet legally vote there are other ways to voice our concerns.

On Friday the 20th of September, Hug High Students will hold a climate strike in the quad during lunch and 5th period. This protest is one of many currently being held worldwide in hopes that governments will take action to limit carbon emissions and economic inequality. If passed, this proposed Green New Deal will decrease the effects of humans on the environment. To give these ideas the greatest chance of being recognized in Congress, people everywhere are showing support. During the climate strike, Hug students will write letters to our representatives in Congress in hopes that they use their political influence to voice their concerns.

The Equality Club and the Green Club collaborated in planning this event. Along with the letter writing campaign, they will provide information to students and speak about what can be done.

Greta Thunberg didn’t sail across the Atlantic Ocean for you to sit down and do nothing.”

— Jacqueline Portnell