Mr. Hetakeyama

Brent Hetakeyama a geometry teacher at Hug High and is also the athletic trainer, who helps injured students at every game. Mr. Hetakeyama is a very respectful and cool person. He loves being outdoors because it gives it gives him the chance to enjoy the moment. He wants to travel across the United States to visit places he’s never been to because he is a very adventurous person.  

To him, being an athletic trainer means a lot to him because that is something he wanted to professionally since it gives him the chance to teach students about how to take care of their body and how to treat an injury. It also gives him joy to able to teach things like this because there is a lot of competition in every game. Although, being a geometry teacher surprised him because he never knew all the work that had to be put into it, but he enjoys it because he wants to help students understand the different concepts of math.