Mr. S. O’Brien – Freshman Seminar

Mr. O’Brien, the new freshman seminar teacher, is excited to learn and get to know Hug’s students and teachers. He said he was excited to grow and be challenged this school year. O’Brien became a teacher so he could give back what was given to him when he was a student. He says, “A teacher kind of saved my life in high school. I was drifting in the wrong direction, struggling, and all the other teachers weren’t too cool with me. Understandably, I was being a jerk, but this teacher was awesome.” He really just wants to give back to his students and help guide them if their lives are heading in the wrong direction.  

When I asked O’Brien about our school system, it seemed like he thought about it a lot. He said, “With how big the schools get you lose a sense of community and don’t know everybody, so I’d probably break up the schools…to create more community and continuity. I think that’s important.” 

O’Brien used to be a stand-up comedian, which is one of his many hobbies. He says he is hardworking, charismatic, and caring, which shows through his positive, upbeat personality. He is inspired by great teachers, great literature, and history. He loves music and one of his favorite bands is The Strokes.

Mr. O’Brien is a very creative person and is very excited to give back to the students at Hug. He hopes to be inspiring to his students and is looking forward to a great year.