Mr. Rhode-Special Education

Estrella Alvarez, Staff Writer

New to Reno and New to Hug. He’s Mr. Rhode! 

With the beginning of a new school year comes new faces. This year Hug High School welcomed Mr. Rhode to the Washoe County School District as a new special education teacher. He is not only new to Hug but new to the city of Reno, having previously lived in Flagstaff, Arizona and moving to Reno on August 1st 

“I first off love the city of Reno. I wanted to live here for a very long time, since I was in middle school. I think Reno is one of the coolest places on Earth to live and I think we’re all incredibly lucky to live here,” Mr. Rhode said.  

He decided to become a teacher in his high school years due to his little brother.  

“My little brother grew up with intellectual disabilities and physical disabilities, and it always fascinated me, so I always been wanting to work along kids with similar things,” said Mr. Rhode.  

He was also influenced by his father, who was also a teacher. He believes that a form of expressing personalities is through creativeness such as art.  

“I let them provide creative writing techniques in the classroom, in which they get to show a lot of their personality,” he says.  

Mr. Rhode intends to be a teacher that does not tell his students what to do but rather guides them to do the right things on their own, and he finds it incredible to see his student’s progressions. 

“Last year I had a student who frequently had outbursts in class and would often shout, scream and throw things in a playful way but didn’t know whether or not it was appropriate. Throughout the year, it was a small progression of kind of limiting those to the point of where he used to do it every day but by the end of the year he was doing it maybe  once every other  week.  That was a very slow progression, but once I thought back at it at the end of the year, it was pretty incredible to think about the change that he has made throughout the year,” Mr. Rhode said.  

Mr. Rhode loves teaching at HuHigh School and states that “all of my students are good kids with good intentions, and I like being around them, as well as my co-teachers.”