Mrs. Sevilla – Special Education


Mrs. Sevilla is from Sacramento, CA and is a new teacher at Hug High School for Special ED kids. Before she went to college as an aid for students with autism, she knew she wanted to be a teacher, but she said that being at that college is what really made her fall in love with the idea. 

 When asked how she ended up at Hug, she said that she and her husband moved because he was relocated by his job. b She also said that what drew her to Hug is its bad reputation, but it didn’t bother her, and she chose to ignore the people with negative stereotypes of Hug. 

 Mrs. Sevilla hopes to build relationships with her students’ families. She also helps her students to achieve their annual goals. When asked about her feelings towards Hug High School, she said responded saying, “I like that Hug is similar to my old school. I also enjoy the staff and students.” She also thinks that Hug has the best campus and view. 

 Mrs. Sevilla’s interests consist of music, art, concerts and art shows. She hopes that her students become social, participate in dances and clubs, and get a sense of independence. When asked the question of what she hopes her students will remember her for, she responded with humor and someone in  whom they can confide. 

 When asked what she would like Hug students to know about her, she responded saying that her door is open to anyone and that she likes that her students socialize with other students.