Mr. Williams – Freshman Seminar

Mr. Williams is a new Freshman Seminar teacher here at Hug High School.  He teaches in C-07A/B and has been teaching for over a decade.  Originally, he taught in Las Vegas, but chose to go to Hug.  Initially, he wanted a math teacher position, but accepted the Freshman Seminar.  He has lived in Reno, Vegas, San Diego, and Virginia. 

Mr. Williams’ class takes a more professional standpoint on the subject of Freshman Seminar.  While other classes typically use the School Connect curriculum, his class is currently doing an organized business planning project, where they work together with their classmates to create a functioning multi-million dollar business complete with shipping, administration, and manufacturing floors.  He has no family or pets at home, but doesn’t seem like the kind of guy to need them anyway. 

Mr. Williams doesn’t enjoy flying, but likes being other places.  He plans to continue his career teaching and will most likely stay at Hug.