Hug Music

Hug Music Plays Fall Show

October 28, 2019

On Thursday, September 26, the Hug High bands directed by Kevin Thomas, including concert bands, jazz, and mariachi, performed their annual fall concert.   

As usual, the concert began with the beginning mariachi and pep band, aided by members of the other bands. They were followed by the wind ensemble and jazz band, and concluding with advanced mariachi.   

Although every member of the jazz and concert bands interviewed described the mariachi band in a positive light, members of the band shared a different story. Trumpet player Angel Ocampo, disappointed with the band being “rude,” fatigue cutting his solo short, the repetitive set of songs the mariachi band played, said the mariachi segment of the concert was “terrible.”

Trumpet player Isai Lopez was “really tired” by the end.  Lopez had an excuse to be tired. He was the only instrumentalist to play in all five bands. “It’s a cool experience to be able to play different genres of music on the same instrument,” Lopez said. Jayda Sumner, saxophone and bassoon player, said the concert was “very different and creative” in its variety. This group played a diverse array of music, including concert, jazz, and pep pieces. Baritone saxophonist Israel Cruz and tenor saxophonist Jordan Eddington performed their first improvised solos. According to senior and clarinetist Jacqueline Portnell, “the jazz was jazzy, the pep was pep-y, and that’s all you need in life.”  

In addition to learning and performing jazz and wind ensemble music, Lopez, Portnell, and other band veterans helped ease beginners into the livelihood of band. Lopez said it was “cool to see the mariachi beginners,” and Portnell acknowledged that the pep band “does more work.” According to Mr. Thomas, many have never picked up an instrument before.  

Players in the bands shared different thoughts on the concert’s organization. The concert was very well organized considering its date being pushed forward two weeks, according to bassist Josh Kamuka. “Credit to Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Brown for preparing us,” Kamuka said. Many said the bands could have used the extra two weeks, such as pianist Riley Gillis. Gillis was displeased with the concert’s organization, namely with setting up before the concert, but still considered it a success. He was happy to have gotten players out of their shell, and feeling that the band had accomplished something.   

The majority of wind ensemble and jazz band players enjoyed playing in the concert; describing it with adjectives ranging from “alright” (Cruz) to “amazing” (Maddi Davidson, trumpet) to “fulfilling” (Sumner). Many also said they had fun with the concert, in playing and listening to the other bands perform.