Mr. DeMichieli – History

In the new school year, many teachers were welcomed to the staff of Hug High School. One of these teachers being Mr. DeMichieli, a social studies teacher. Originally teaching at Traner Middle School for 3 years, he was looking to move on to teaching high school. He has always loved social studies, which guided him onto the path of becoming a social studies teacher.  

His teaching style is more relaxed; he sees himself as a facilitator more so than a teacher. Connecting with students is very important to him, as is relatability. “I try to use sports and food as examples, simple thing that kids can understand and relate to.” said DeMichieli. He makes a point of really changing lessons up and providing different forms of learning to keep students interested.  

He strives to make deep connections with students to understand them and understand their situations. He makes time and puts in effort for students with issues at school. He gives them leeway if they are having trouble in class and makes sure that they are being supported. He expects the same high standards he has for all his students, but with different work. As for student who are having problems at home, his philosophy is to always listen, “Sometimes all it takes is asking. One you ask, you have to listen to them. Be understanding and try to find a way to help.” said DeMichieli. 

He strongly values trust and thinks it’s the foundation between students and teachers. “Trust is the most important thing you can have in a student-teacher relationship.” said DeMichieli. He is very excited for the school year and looks forward to teaching his students at Hug High School.  “I was drawn to Hug because of it’s amazing diversity.” said DeMichieli