Hawks Scare Off Bullying With Anti-Bullying Week

Emily Mejia, Student Life Editor

Next week, in honor of National Bullying Prevention Month, Leadership has planned an Anti-Bullying inspired spirit week. Every day will have both a dress up theme and a daily activity. Monday is “Put Bullying to Rest” where students wear their PJs and say hi or greet 5 students. Tuesday is “Embrace Your Differences” day where students wear mismatched socks and try not to let anyone eat alone. Wednesday is “We Stand United” where students wear blue and check up on their friends. Thursday is “Don’t Be A BOO-lly” so students can wear their Halloween costumes and give someone a kind note. A reminder to all students that masks and face paint are not allowed with costumes according to district guidelines. Friday is “Speak Your Truth” where students dress up as how they’re feeling in coordination with the Inside Out characters (red for anger, yellow for joy, etc.) and give someone a hug with their consent.

There will also be a career fair on Wednesday in the small gym all day as well as a guest speaker at the end of the day. The guest speaker is Adam Whitney, he was the choreographer for In The Heights and also gave a TedTalk earlier this year on living with PTSD from hate crimes. He is going to present parts of his TedTalk and speak about anti-bullying.

In the wake of all the fights that have been breaking out on campus, Hug’s Leadership hopes this spirit week helps unite students and prevent future conflicts.