Mr. Rosales – Guidance Counselor


Introducing Mr. Rosales, one of our new guidance counselors this year at Hug High School. This will mark Mr. Rosales’ first year being a guidance counselor, and he is very grateful to be here. Before being a counselor, Mr. Rosales worked at Rita Cannan Elementary School as a clerical aide, as well as working with the after school program for two years (2017-2019).

He chose to make the jump to becoming a counselor this year because he wanted to work with students and help them through school and all of the struggles that come along with it. He made it very clear that he “did not want to be a teacher.” He has chosen to come to Hug this year because it was in the same community as Rita Cannan.  He has even run into old students here!

He is enjoying being a counselor and being here at Hug and commented on the “great admin and staff” as well as the students.