Mr. J. O’Brien – Science


Mr. O’Brien is a new chemistry teacher at Hug High School this year. Before he got into teaching, Mr. O’Brien was a scientist. He says that he left being a scientist for teaching because, “the country hit a recession and all of my grants ran out so I tried teaching, and I liked it.” His interests consist of surfing, rock climbing, skiing, ice hockey and video games.

When asked how he ended up at Hug High School, he answered saying, “I researched principals in the area, and I admire and support our principal Cristina Oronoz’s educational philosophy.  It is very important for me to respect my boss wherever I work, and Cristina is someone I look up to and respect”.

When asked about his feelings toward Hug he responded saying, “I love that Hug has a strong community with sports, theater, art and music activities for all the students.” He also hopes that every student in his classes will pass his class.  Mr. O’Brien also seems to really care for the kids in his classes saying, “By the time most kids realize how foolish it was to blow off school it is too late. I really don’t want my students to experience that so I try my best to help each student pass.” He hopes that everyone in his classes will pass and have fun in the process.

When asked why he decided to come to Hug he said, “I want to work with kids that are similar to how I was when I was a teenager.”  Mr. O’Brien also helps the football team’s defensive line on Tuesdays and Game Days.