“Fore!”: Girls Golf Ends the Season on a Full Swing


Although golf is one of the more unfamiliar sports teams here at Hug, they have performed admirably well this season – with Sophomore, Miriam Pippin, placing 2nd overall in the High Desert League.

Returning Golf Coach, Coach Altenburg, clarifies this, explaining how “because Miriam played in all five tournaments she finished in second place for the season in the JV Scramble for the High Desert League, which is 5 schools: Hug, Reno, McQueen, Spanish Springs, and Reed.”

Miriam says, ”this is only the second year I’ve ever played. I started last year which was the first time I’ve ever played.” 

“I’ve definitely gotten better over the past two years,” says Miriam. “I look forward to the tournaments.”

Coach Altenburg explains one the few challenges faced by the team this season – “one of the most difficult parts about golf is that it’s one of the very few sports where you have to leave campus – I think golf and swimming are the only two sports where we have to leave campus.”

He adds, “Golf courses are public places where you can go and practice anytime. So I tell the kids, ‘I will show you some techniques, I will show you a little bit of playing and if you can’t come to practice try to practice on your own.’ So golf is a very loose sport that way, not an everyday 3:30 to 5:30 practice- we practice when we can.”

The golf tournaments are played once a week, with an 18-hole varsity tournament which typically lasts from 4 to 5 hours and a 9-hole JV tournament. Coach Altenburg helps illustrate the components of the JV scramble, stating that it is “where two girls from the same school each have a shot. They decide which one is the better shot and they both go to that place. So the scramble is you just choosing which shot is best and going to that one. Then you both hit from there and you keep choosing until you putt out.” 

One of the neat things about the Hawks is that we are one of the only schools that carry their golf bags. Almost everybody else uses a pull cart and I am always pleased when the Hawks carry their bags because that’s the way it should be played.”

“[Golf] is a great way to get a PE waiver if you don’t want to take PE. It’s one of the shortest seasons, only about 8 weeks long,” says Coach Altenburg.  Looking forward, Altenburg hopes that more student-athletes take advantage of golf. “When athletes get together and play a sport that is not their main sport it’s usually golf- I’d love to have more athletes come out and learn how to play golf.”

“It’s a lifelong game,” says Coach Altenburg. “Once you learn how to play you can play forever.”