Hug Grad Rate Hits 86%, Honors Rate Falls

Graduation rate history

Graduation rate history

Reno, Nevada – The graduation rate at Proctor R. Hug High School hits an all time high at 86%.  While graduation rates have risen as well as advanced diploma rates, honors diploma rates have not done the same, and on the contrary, they are decreasing. 

In 2018 the graduation rate was 84%, and in 2019 the graduation rate was 86%. Meanwhile, the Honors diploma rates have gone from 28% to 21%.  

There are many possible explanations for this, such as classes possibly becoming more difficult to pass. Perhaps it could be that students simply do not have the time, as many are working on getting their permit/license, getting jobs, or even extracurricular activities.   

Someone who had some very interesting ideas on this topic was our own, Mrs. Lott.  “I’m just happy students are still graduating, yes I want more honors diplomas, but as long as they are graduating, I’m the happiest,” says our counselor, Mrs. Lott.  

Mrs. Lott feels as though there are many different reasons for this occurring. One of these reasons being that the students who came in from other schools that arrived in Nevada who had not taken all the required courses for an honors diploma while they were in their home state.  

Another reason she believes the numbers are as such is, “Perhaps [the] students realized that the Honors diploma has many of the same befits as the Advanced diploma and the Career and College Ready diploma, and so they are not shooting for the honors diploma as much anymore.”  

Graduation Requirements
These are the requirements for the various diplomas.

Now, the next question is whether this may become a pattern. Mrs. Lott feels it is “tough to know” as all students are different.

The graduation rates have been increasing for almost a decade now, but I cannot say that they will remain doing so as there are many factors that may change the outcome of the numbers and so we cannot predict how the other numbers will be in the future either. 

Hug High School’s graduation rates are still amazing and congratulations to all the graduates and future graduates and as students all we can do is always try our hardest and work to get these numbers up. As parents, friends, family, anyone who is around a student, what can be done is motivate the students and encourage them to do their best!