Hug Hawk Hero Leaves the Nest

Hug Hawk Hero Leaves the Nest

Many students that know Mrs. Roberts would agree that she is one of the most kindhearted and caring teachers at Hug High School. She has made a major impact on the lives of many students, from helping students with classwork and personal problems to being an overall lively, energetic, and enthusiastic person. Sadly, she is leaving Hug today to go work at her new job as an Instructional Coach at Vaughn Middle School. The reason that she has decided to leave Hug is not because of any of the students or staff, but because she has gotten the opportunity to further her career. 

Many students have been very saddened by the news of Mrs. Roberts leaving as she has been an amazing teacher and a wonderful colleague to many at Hug. “She is great with our students, she’s a fantastic teacher, and I’m very happy that she gets to go and pursue what she wants to do and help other teachers be as great as she is. Hug will miss her.” said Mrs. Devore 

Mrs. Roberts will be helping other teachers at Vaughn and teaching them to become amazing teachers just like her. She has been teaching at Hug High School for 12 years, during which she met and married her husband, Mr. Roberts, and filled roles of instructional coach, department lead, and Teacher of the Year.

“Missus has been one of my best friends on campus, I will miss her” said Ms. Bennet who worked closely with Ms. Roberts all 12 years of her time here at Hug.  

“I’m pretty sad that she’s leaving… I always felt like I can talk to her about any problems I have” said Eddy Ramirez, one of her students. She deeply cares for many of her students and will try to help them the best she can, sometimes even giving away candy or food (always on food exemption days) to her aides or “Minions” as she calls them. “Sometimes she does yell at us, but I know that deep down she still loves us…” said Ramirez. 

“She’s one of the more chill teachers, like she’s always super nice and always really happy” said Yeovanni Chaparro, another student she teaches. “She impacts many with her teaching, as she gets students motivated to learn by being more personable with the students and making sure that each student is able to understand. I like how she teaches… the class is usually loud, and it really shows that she puts a lot of effort into teaching” said Chaparro. 

She means a lot to Hug and she means a lot to the students having her leave. “She has a gift for yelling at you with love, and I will miss that forever” said Mrs. Beasley. Hug will surely miss her. 

Mrs. Roberts has made many friends and memories during her teaching career at Hug, but alas all good things must come to an end and a great teacher will soon leave the Hug Hawks nest and soar into her new career. We at Hug are so thankful to have had Mrs. Roberts be able to spread her positive spirit and knowledge to this school. Mr. O’Brien, who is also a history teacher at Hug in the SEL department, will be teaching in place for Mrs. Roberts for the rest of the school year.