New School at Wildcreek to Stay Procter R. Hug High


Procter R. Hug

Reno, NV – On Wednesday, November 6, the Washoe Count School Naming Committee selected the final name for the new high school that will be built on the Wildcreek golf course.

The Committee selected Procter Hug High School as the name. 

Three finalist names have also been chosen for the technical school that will be placed on the current Hug High campus in 2023. The three finalists are Debbie Smith, Feemster, and Michael Landsberry and will be presented to the committee on Tuesday for the final vote.  

The process is long. And although a committee is selected for this, the community and people are a very important piece of the puzzle as they are the ones doing the main voting that lead to the committee’s vote.  

Our counselor Mrs. Lott is one of the members of the Naming Committee and says the decision of the new school’s name was a not a tough decision to make for her, as she says the transfer of the old name is “very common” when new schools are built or remodeled.

The name is transferring to the new school and hopefully the school’s spirit as well!