District Breaks Ground on New School

Reno, NV- Something big is coming; a lot of change is to come in the fall semester of 2022.  

This “something” is the brand-new high school that will be built on the Wildcreek Golf course located in north Reno. It will open the senior year of the current freshmen class. 

The Hug High students, along with 700 students that are zoned for Spanish Springs high school, will be attending the new school in August 2022. If all goes as planned, the current Hug High School will become a technical school.  

The district has set to spend $696,000 towards the construction of this grand school, but this project is said to have a total cost of much more than that. 

The name for this new school is still undecided, although the district has released a list of names that the public could vote on. These included names such as: Procter Hug, Michael Landsberry, Debbie Smith, and more. The voting has now closed, but the name has yet to be announced.  

There was a variety of opinions on this school because many people did not wish to lose the currently-existing golf course. Although, the school will not impact the 9-hole golf course as it is on the northern side of the course.  

The students have their own opinions as well. Out of a randomly selected number of Hug’s Freshman, 31% are excited for the new school.  

There are also 19% of students here that prefer to remain in the school they started in, Hug. One student said “I like having multiple buildings where you can walk outside.” Another said “the new school is surrounded by nothing; it’s an inside school. Kids are going to be stuck inside this building all day.” 

Finally, we have the other 50% of students who say they accept either equally. “It does not matter as long as I graduate,” says one of the students to explain their reasoning for choosing this option.  

On November 22, Hug High students will be taken on a field trip to the groundbreaking event for this new high school. The students will be able to see first-hand the area in which their future school will be built.  

This may change the way some people think about the new school, as they will not only hear what to expect but see it on their own.  

If all goes as planned, the class of 2022 will be the final graduates of the current Proctor R. Hug High School 

The original Proctor R. Hug High School may be closing, but it will forever remain a part of our community.