Round One: The New Form of Entertainment 

Round One: The New Form of Entertainment 

For all of those looking for a new sort of entertainment that includes arcade games, bowling alleys, pool (not the swimming kind), and very cheap ice cream, look no further than Round One. Round One is an extraordinary new entertainment center located at the Meadowood Mall in Reno. Its grand opening was on August 17th of 2019 and is open every day from 10am to 2am – that’s sixteen hours of fun for both kids and adults alike!  

One of Round One’s many attractions is their bowling alley. Their bowling alley is open every day from their opening time to closing but the price will vary depending on time and date. Monday through Thursday, from 10am to 4pm they offer $10.50 for 90 minutes or $12.50 for an unlimited time. Keep in mind that, if a waiting list is formed, customers will only be allowed to play for three hours. After 4pm, their 90 minutes session becomes $12.50 and their unlimited session comes out to a value of $14.50. On Friday, Bowling for 90 minutes is $10.50, and they do not offer unlimited sessions for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday but nevertheless, they increase the time limit to 120 minutes for a value of $11.59. After 4pm on Friday, their 90-minute session values $17.00 and their 120 minutes session values $19.00. On Saturday, their bowling sessions from opening time to 12pm will come out to $12.50 and $16.00 for 120 minutes, then their values increase to $17.00 and $19.00, respectively. On Sundays and Holidays, from opening time to 12pm, their price is the same as Saturday but from 12pm to 7pm, their 90-minute session becomes $17.00 and $19.00 for their 120 minutes. After 7pm, their prices lower to $10.50 and $11.50. Bowling is a fun experience that can be done with friends, family or by yourself! There is no need to be experienced and the shoe rentals are only $4.00. If you prefer paying for a game of bowling instead of by-minute, then there are options for that as well. A game will cost you from $5 to $6.50, while two games will cost you anywhere from $9.50 to $12.50 depending on time.  

If bowling is not for you, then maybe their hundreds of arcade games will be. 

When asked what she liked about Round One, Alyssa, a frequent attendee of Round One, excitedly said “Everything! But on a serious note, it’s nice to see games that are from outside of the country, like Japan, something foreign; it’s nice to have.”  

Round One’s arcade games are for all ages and meant for customers with different tastes in games, with their variety in games from rhythm to athletic.  And for customers that want to find foreign games, as Alyssa did, she advises all to visit Round One.

“Especially, if you like Japanese games, they do have games imported from Japan, so I do recommend trying them out and the stuffed toys, they’re cute.”  

 All games can be accessed after purchasing a game card, the game card price will vary depending on how many credits you want but the games are not expensive. The first card will cost two dollars to activate it, plus it’s reusable, rechargeable and prize tickets can be kept on the card, but no cards can be redeemed for cash nor can they refunded or exchanged. With the gaming card, the player can have fun, and at the end of the fun, they can claim their prize before leaving. 

Round One’s arcade games may have plentiful single-player games, but they also include multiplayer ones that are a favorite for families and friends.  

Games are a favorite for many attendees but if they aren’t for you, then food might just be. Round One offers pizza. hot dogs, fries, burgers, popcorn, and very cheap ice cream.  Their ice cream is no more than 99 cents with tax, and it’s not a small size.  

Round One offers entertainment for all ages, such as their pool tables, beer for the adults, and basketball hoops. Due to their variety, Round One has become an all-time favorite for customers, such is the case for Alyssa, who says it is her favorite area that brings nostalgia. Although most games are in Japanese, once you get the handle of maneuvering around, it is all fun from there on out.