Hug’s Most Successful Blood Drive in History

A Sequel to “Hug Saves Lives a Drop at a Time”


Getty Images/iStockphoto

Blood in storage

Leann Stick, Staff Writer

This year’s blood drive has been the most successful in Hug High School’s history. There were 114 people who offered up their arms for a donation, and of those 114 people, 81 were able to successfully donate. Although the goal for this year’s blood drive was 100 units of blood, only 90 units were collected.  “This blood will be used to save up to 270 lives!” said Jessica Patrick, a Vitalant team member.

Because more people signed up to donate blood than was previously expected, the line was quite long, resulting in extended wait times. However, this problem is set to be fixed for next year’s blood drive:  “Next year, I will increase the staff so that the wait times are not as long, and I am sure we can hit that goal of 100 [units],” said Patrick. The Hug 2020 blood drive should have donors in and out significantly faster due to the increase in the number of Vitalant staff.

The HOSA blood drive committee worked hard to organize and run the blood drive smoothly. They ensured that donors were signed in and out for school. They also provided food and water before and after donating. At the head of the blood drive was Mrs. Osterhage, the lead HOSA advisor. “At this current time in my life, this is hitting really close to home!” said Osterhage.