Hug Students Greatly Exceed National Pass Rates


AP tests aren’t often something a freshman has to consider, but here at Hug with the GATE Institute, many freshmen are taking the exams – and apparently, they’re doing really well.

Data shows that, globally, the pass rates for AP Literature and Biology are fairly low compared to other exams.  However, here at Hug, freshmen are taking these classes and passing them with flying colors.  Last school year, in the 2019 AP Literature tests, the global pass rate was 39.8 percent.  Compare that to the 85 percent pass rate for Hug freshmen, and you have yourself a superbly successful school. (National Distribution of AP English Literature Scores from 5-1)



Alex Ryan, a student from last year’s AP Literature class who got a 5 on the test, says that he “wrote a lot of practice essays” and “didn’t have to worry about” the non-written section.  Ethan Partain, currently a junior, did a lot of practice tests, with both multiple choice and essays.

In AP Biology, the pass rate was 65.1 percent nationally.  However, at Hug, we had an 87.5 percent freshman pass rate, which is insane.  Generally, seniors are taking that class, not freshmen, but the higher pass rate gives us a lot of confidence. (National Distribution AP Biology scores from 5-1)



It seems that some students put in the necessary work to do well on the test, especially those in the Institute, but this year, the AP Literature class hopes to reach a 100 percent pass rate.  Hopefully, that can be achieved.

Overall, Hug has exceeded the pass rates nationally (for freshmen!) every year since the GATE Institute opened.  As we also know, Hug’s graduation rates have drastically increased in a very short period of time as well. So Hug is on track for a good year!