How “Can” We Help?-JROTC Canned Food Drive


Lizeth Rocha, Staff Writer

Reno, NV. – The holiday season is right around the corner with Thanksgiving in just a few days and many families are unable to have the holidays they hope for, due to the lack of certain items. This doesn’t sit well with Hug students, so every year they do something amazing to help.

The Hug High School JROTC program is hosting its annual canned food drive up until December 2nd. Despite the name, there are many items that may be donated. For example: new bedding and towels, books, toiletries, lotion, wet-wipes, money donations, and more. An image of the list of acceptable items is included.

There are a few items that cannot be taken as there is a limit to what JROTC may accept such as large toys, stuffed animals, telephones, etc. These items are located towards the bottom of the list.

The items will be donated to Children’s Cabinet, New Moms & Babies, Families and Youth in Need or in Transition, and Street Outreach to Runaway & Homeless Youth.

The canned food drive is a “company competition”. A company competition is every JROTC class period competing against one another. During the canned food drive, the competition not only relies on items donated, but also on participation. The more cadets turning in items, the more “points” they get.  Although, this is a company competition the JROTC cadets are driven to donate items for their own reasons as well.

One student says, “We have all of these extra cans that we would have probably never used at my house, [so] why not donate them?”

Another JROTC cadet is looking forward to their Thanksgiving break and wants  “…the other students and everyone who can’t get the things I can, to have a good Thanksgiving season too.”

The JROTC program may only be recognized as the “Army” program, but it is clearly much more than that. Each cadet is more than just a “cadet”, they are a caring student as well.