Groundbreaking at Wildcreek

December 3, 2019

On November 22nd, 2019, the class of 2023 was able to see first-hand where they will be spending their senior year.

The new school that will be built on the Wildcreek golf course is set to open in the Fall semester of 2022, also known as the senior year of the class of 2023.

A grand groundbreaking ceremony was held on the 22nd and all were invited to come join. The Hug High School freshmen were all given an opportunity to sit in on the ceremony, as they will be attending there in the future.

Hug’s performers also had a part in this event as groups such as the mariachi and band gave the ceremony their artistic touch as they attended and performed.

At the ceremony, several speakers presented. One was Alejandro Mejia, a Hug High School Freshman. He spoke his excitement for the new school and showed his spirit for the class of 2023.

Governor Steve Sisolak was there as well and spoke on how it is his job to make sure that Washoe County students can have a “start for success.” Sisolak also said “Nothing is more important than educating our students” in relation to the new school and its various teaching and learning opportunities.

Another speaker at the ceremony was Hug’s current principal Cristina Oronoz. She spoke on her appreciation of the gift the students were given and “will forever be appreciated”.

Fireworks went off, shovels were handed out, and hard hats were put on at the groundbreaking. Students have come back to school with a high excitement for their future school.

One student said after the field trip, “Yeah, I was not really looking forward to having to move schools my senior year, [but] now I’m excited to be able to go there”.

The rest of the projects brought upon by the WC-1 have been finished on time and on budget and the same is expected to happen with the new Procter R. Hug High school.

Now, we just look upon the future and wait for what grand things may come.