The Importance of Weights Class


1st Period Weights Class

Guillermo Garcia and

Hug High School has a certain type of class referred to as ‘Weights class’ that focuses on a lot of body strength, that helps students get stronger and healthier.

Coach Gravier said’s he decided to teach weights class because it is very important to him considering he is the football coach and it allows him to work with his players every day and help them get stronger and stronger. In Coach Graviers opinion, the new campus at WildCreek would impact the class in a positive way because it is a bigger environment and there would be new equipment and more recourses, but he also faces a lot of problems to this class because a lot of the time the kids don’t like to dress out or they just don’t want to participate and he thinks that is one of the biggest problems for him.

Sophomore, Seth Begonia, claims he really likes this class because he is basically getting a free workout, but for him they mainly focus on benching and squats and at times they even do condition, but he also claims P.E and Weights is very different he Said’s Weights focuses on body strength while P.E focuses more on sports and cardio.

Junior, Fiona Maclucus says she really likes the class because of the kind of attitude they have, how supportive they are to one another, and just how welcoming they are. One of the toughest things she has faced is that her arms ache after a really good workout and it would hurt for a couple of days. She really overcame that because she was only able to lift 60 pounds and now she can lift more than 105 pounds so it was a huge improvement and achievement. She claims that P.E and Weight’s is very different because P.E is more of a cardio and sport type of exercise while on the other hand Weights is a better workout because she is gaining muscle and working out her body strength- so it’s a win for some students, like Fiona. 

In conclusion Weight’s class is a very important part to the physical education program here at Hug High School, and also very helpful, by making sure our students stay fit and on the road for good health.