New AP Classes

New AP Classes

Estrella Alvarez, Staff Writer

This school year, we had the arrival of two new Advanced Placement classes to the Home of the Hawks. It is the Hug Hawkeye’s honor to introduce AP World History and AP Studio Art. A class is only as good as the teacher’s teaching methods to keep the interests of their students, which these teachers all do maintain. 

AP World History

This year, Hug has two teachers for AP World history: Mrs. Beasley and Mr. Toledo. 

“There have been AP World History classes, before but this year it’s a little bit different.” explains Mr. Toledo. “The scope of AP World History now begins in the 1200’s. We jump forward past Greece and Rome, we jump forward past hunters and gatherers, we jump past all of these origins stories and into world interactions – the first time that we as people begin interacting with each other on a global scale.”  

Although Hug has had AP World History before, it does not change the fact that this year it will have a wider range of centuries to cover and will dive deeper into the bigger picture of how we, as people, interact with each other.  

“We’re definitely working on historical thinking skills, understanding how people change over time, what causes them to change.” says Mrs. Beasley. “We’re looking at everything from the big picture of inter-global connectivity to how it affects individuals. It’s a huge scope and a fascinating topic, as it’s never ending, and it continues to affect how we live today.”

AP World History is important, as it teaches you values that could be incorporated into our current daily lives. This could be learning from our ancestor’s mistakes and failures, as everyone tries to progress over time. 

“History is just an examination of how people work together or don’t work together, analyzing ways that are effective on being a good human, and learning what went wrong. That way, we can press forward and do things better,” Mrs. Beasley said. 

As always, history is important as it lets everyone understand the past, which hopefully lets us understand our present and as Mr. Toledo said, “it’s one of those classes that explains why we’re here.”  

Students may think that this class is not for them, that it is too repetitive but the only way to move forward is to reflect from those mistakes, understand what went wrong, and proceed with a new form of thinking. One way might just be taking AP World History and learn that the past has everything to do with the present. 

Those that do seem interested can be anyone, as long as they have the love for educating themselves, as they “don’t necessary have to be college-bound,” according to Mr. Toledo. 

AP Art Studio

Another advance class that is new to Hug is AP Studio Art: 3-D Art and Design, which is taught by Ms. Elena Amador. This new 3-D class is part of the three-class AP Studio Art program that also include Drawing and 2-D Art and Design.

“This year it’s new; it’s changed. The students will do an investigatory process for the whole year,” said Ms. Amador when asked what AP Studio Art was all about. 

Ms. Amador, teacher of the new AP 3D Studio

For those that do not know what an investigator process is, it is quite simple. Her students will investigate and focus on some sort of art form and all their work will be about that topic, where the end results will include documents of their topic’s process and growth. AP Studio Art’s is the top tier, which is better explained by Ms. Amador who says, “you spend your whole high school career building your skills, and then you take it depending on what you prefer.”

AP Studio Art is offered to anybody that is persistent and likes challenges, but Ms. Amador recommends taking a few other courses before challenging yourself with this class.

“Through the College Board, anybody can take it, but just from what I’ve seen, it’s a lot easier if students take the courses leading up to it because they scaffold,” says Ms. Amador. 

Ms. Amador believes that heading directly into AP Art Studio can leave students at a disadvantage if they have no prior knowledge with the arts, but it is not required to have prior experience.

It is very important for students to have a way to express themselves and AP Studio Art does exactly that. This class allows students to have freedom from their busy day and the student choice provokes growth in them that they might not be allowed to express elsewhere.

“I feel that we need art to be well-rounded; I think it’s an important skill. I think they should take the class because of that because it’s a break from everything else. It’s something different and it gives them the chance to think differently.”  

AP Studio Art and AP World History both have something in common: they’re both AP classes! Advanced Placement classes offer college-level curriculum to high school students, hence the name “Advanced Placement.” AP classes allow students to challenge themselves and dive deeper into subjects.