Winter Shakespeare is Back with Love’s Labour’s Lost

Lizbeth Gurrola, Staff Writer

At the start of next semester, Hug High will be holding a play of Shakespeare’s piece Love’s Labour’s Lost in the Little Theater. Mr. Roberts is directing this year’s play and practice sessions for the actors are already taking place.

Love’s Labour’s Lost was first performed in 1597 and surrounds 4 men (King of Navarre and his three lords, Dumaine, Longaville, and Berowne) who agree to an oath that includes fasting and avoiding contact with women for three years. Things take a turn when the Princess of France arrives to pay the king a visit along with a group of women. The king and his lords have no choice but to accept the ladies’ visit. But will the men be able to keep their oath even after the princess arrives? Find out in Love’s Labour’s Lost early next semester.

Now, what goes on before the play is ready to be shown to the school? First, all the actors have practice every day after school (excluding weekends) to memorize their lines and actions for the show. The actors have busy schedules, so making time for practice is difficult. Some of thehave jobs and need to focus on their homework for school. Not only does the cast face busy schedules and memorization, but they also face having to modify the play so students will be able to understand the play. Since the play has older English, some viewers may have a hard time figuring out what’s going on in the play. Modernizing the play isn’t just about words – costume designs are also a big part of the play and viewers will notice such big detail. The cast and directors will eventually overcome these issues and the play will be ready to be shown to the school.

Ticket prices still aren’t official yet, but prices for Shakespeare are traditionally $1 because his plays are in the public domain. Make sure to go see the Love’s Labour’s Lost in the Little Theater after winter break and support the actors!