Everything You Need to Know: Winterfest Edition


Emily Mejia, Student Life Editor

It is finally that time of year where Hug High School holds their annual Winterfest Week! However, this year Hug is adding a new addition to the Winterfest tradition in the form of a Winter Formal.

With the upcoming spirit week, Leadership is going to decorate each building for a different grade. All are invited to come help decorate on January 17. Freshman have IA building, Sophomores have A building, Juniors have B building, and Seniors have C building. Anybody interested in helping can go to C-8 after school and ask Mr. Hurtado for instructions.

Spirit week itself starts on the 21st, after Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Tuesday is “Disney Wonderland,” where students can dress in all Disney gear including Marvel, Pixar, Star Wars, and all other Disney properties. Wednesday the 22nd is “Reach For the Sky, Bullseye,” where students can dress as cowboys or aliens. Thursday the 23rd is “A Winter Vacation to Hawaii,” where students can dress like tourists or in tropical clothing. Friday the 24th  is “Hug Has Ears, Say Cheers,” where students wear all white with Disney headbands.

To conclude spirit week, Leadership is throwing a Winter Formals on January 25th at the Boys & Girls Club on East 9th street, near Traner Middle School. Tickets go on sale January 13th. That same week, tickets are $25 for single and $40 for couples. Next week, from January 21 to 24, tickets are $35 for singles and $50 for couples. At the door, tickets are $40 per person. If you lend Leadership your Christmas tree, you can get a 25% discount on your ticket! Leadership will be returning the trees AFTER the dance. Unlike prom, this dance is open to all grades so underclassmen are highly encouraged to go since they cannot attend prom.

This dance is the next step in bringing back old traditions that haven’t been at Hug for multiple years. As the year goes on, we hope to see these comebacks continue.