Hug’s Annual Co-ed Soccer Tournament


Estrella Alvarez, Staff Writer

Hug High School is hosting its 6th annual Co-ed Soccer Tournament and the Hawk students are all fired up for it; with the tournament already starting about a week before winter break.

The tournament allowed anyone to participate as long as they registered in the office, had adequate attendance and wanted to stay active during lunch. This year, Coach Nico oversees and holds all information on the tournament. Coach Nico had hoped to “kill two birds with one stone” by keeping the students active during lunch and maintaining motivation through checking student’s attendance. The tournament also fundraises for the soccer program.

The tournament is set up by the students choosing their own teams, in the “last tournament there was up to 22 teams; there is no limit. On this current tournament [they] have 18 teams,” says Coach Nico.

Everyone will get a chance to play with “8 games during the regular season and only twelve 8 [member] teams will advance to the next round, [they] do playoffs and at the end of the tournament, one final championship game,” adds Coach Nico. In the events of a tie, a tie is just called during regular season but during playoffs, penalty kick will determine the tie.

The fun thing about the tournament is that no prior knowledge or skill is needed to play. Last year, Coach Nico says that there were “a bunch of football players, who they have never played soccer and they were playing during the co-ed tournament” just for fun. Allegedly the tournament will finish somewhere in the middle of March, which is plenty of time to visit and enjoy watching all the students participating.