Academic Olympics Looking to Repeat

Academic Olympics Looking to Repeat

Academic Olympics is a tournament-style trivia competition where students test their knowledge against teams from other schools across Washoe county. They answer questions from the National Academic Quiz Tournaments Organization, the same questions used in quiz bowl competitions worldwide. The subjects covered are just about everything, and are generally pretty tough and obscure questions.  Most notably, the inclusion of many questions about classical music is a tough section.  The easiest questions depend on who’s answering, which is great since each person specializes in at least one topic. 

For the entire year, the AO team has been practicing for the season, which began on Monday, the 27th of January. They are the defending zone champions from last year. The team of eleven has five returning members who think they can win again. Alex Ryan, a sophomore on the team, said“I’m confident we can win” 

On Monday, the 27th of January, they competed in their first event. Hug’s A team won all three of their matches by a considerable amount.

Monday, the 3rd of February, they won another three consecutive matches, including one against the at formerly undefeated Bishop Manogue team.

Yesterday, on the 10th of February, they extended their winning streak to 9-0. They have won more consecutive matches than any other team in the competition.

The events will happen after school every Monday here at Hug, and people are free to watch it when it goes on.  Come root for the team!