Too Late or Not Too Late? Hug’s New Tardy Policy

February 7, 2020

This semester, Hug revealed and implemented its new policy on tardies.  Under the new policy, students will be sent to the “Hawk’s Nest”, in room D-1, to retrieve a tardy pass. Five tardies will get them a lunch detention, followed by increasingly severe punishments – meetings with teachers, parents, and deans –  for any more than that. 

Tardies have certainly been a problem at Hug. Behavior specialist Lucy Dugan reported “just about 58,000 tardies” last semester, when tardies went largely unpunished. These tardies are not meaningless, despite their previous lack of punishment: being one minute late to class every day is equivalent to missing three-and-a-half class periods in a year. The policy is intended to fix this problem, and according to Mrs. Dugan, it has worked. Administration gave out 711 tardies on Tuesday, January 7, when the policy was implemented. That number was down to 540 by Friday, January 10. 

Reception of the policy has not been so positive. Mrs. Dugan commented sarcastically that “[the students] love it so much.” Students and teachers have expressed concern over students missing more class time after walking to D-1 and returning to class. Others fear that students will skip class entirely rather than walk all the way across campus and back. “I’ve actually seen freshmen leaving through the gates,” one student said.  “Some of my friends were heated,” said another junior.

Many students have proposed that places to get tardy passes be spread throughout campus to avoid these issues. Mrs. Dugan confirmed that the trek to D-1 was in fact “really inconvenient.” Vice Principal Sego said that there will be a committee in the future comprised of students, teachers, and admins to ensure that the policy in place is beneficial for all of those involved.

Mrs. Dugan also said that the new policy has also had unintended positive outcomes. Bathrooms have not been vandalized since its implementation, and more students have been caught using cannabis.


Edits concerning location of The Nest made on 2/24/20.