STAR WARS Jedi: Fallen Order Review – The Quest For The Best Poncho


Ethan Partain, Staff Writer

As with any Star Wars content, Jedi: Fallen Order was highly anticipated and many  fans pre-purchased the game just because it had “Star Wars” on it, but does this anticipation reflect the content of the game, or just the dedication of fans to the franchise?

In the game, you play as Cal Kestis, a generic scrapper with an insatiable love for ponchos, cutting into crashed star destroyers for parts, no different from the hundreds of other scrappers you work with. You keep your head low and blend in while the Inquisitors — trained warriors who hunt down Jedi that survived Order 66 — comb through the galaxy looking to snuff out the last stragglers of the Jedi Order. When your best friend tells you a scrapper is no job for someone like you, and to follow your destiny, hiding that blue lightsaber clipped to your belt under your poncho can no longer be an option. When you use the force to save your friend from a scrapping accident, you can no longer hide from the Empire, and the time has come to activate your lightsaber that will cut down hundreds of Stormtroopers across the course of the game.

The game is pretty dark, but reasonably so, taking place before Episode 4: A New Hope and after Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith, five years after Palpatine executed Order 66. After escaping the junk planet and seizing his destiny, Cal’s mission is to find the Holocron, which contains a list of every force-sensitive child in the galaxy, which could be the new Jedi Order. Find it, and keep it from the hands of the Empire, who will hunt down every child on that list.

There are several planets to travel to in Fallen Order in classic Star Wars fashion: an ice one, a red one, a green one, and even more. While they don’t seem big at first, exploring through the mission reveals the giant size of the planets and breadth of exploration. Cal explores these planets in a third-person action-adventure with a fantastic poncho and lightsaber. Respawn did an excellent job of implementing the famous weapon of choice of the Jedi into the game, not only with the sound and lighting effects but the combat style and combinations possible in the game. Combat in this game can be frustrating at times, but it is very satisfying to cut through the lines of Stormtroopers, reflecting their laser blasts back at them.

Fallen Order combines this combat with excellent adventures and puzzles. The game includes many mechanics to progress on top of the Stormtrooper beat-em-up. These puzzles usually incorporate your force-wielding capabilities as well as the lore behind your adventure. Elite enemies pose a greater threat, and really bring a Souls-like feeling to the game. The second sister is a Jedi Killer of the Dark Side hunting you down throughout the galaxy, and the elite fighters and monsters she sends after you on top of other monsters you run across pose a great threat and can be deadly if not dealt with properly. The game runtime is 20 hours if you focus on missions, but the worlds you go to are much bigger than what you need to explore. There is so much to explore on each planet, which are filled with different materials, ponchos, and other customization items.

Another thing Fallen Order does well is the customization. At various lightsaber customization tables around the worlds, Cal can use the materials he has found to change the switch, sleeve, material, even the color of his lightsaber. Despite some performance issue on PC with stuttering and motion blur glitches, the game is beautifully done and the story is enjoyable to play through from start to finish. Hopefully, some patches come in the future to fix some  performance issues, but regardless the game is enjoyable and worth playing.