Cafeteria Through The Eyes of a Student Worker


Estrella Alvarez, Staff Writer

Cafeteria food is often considered to many students as “nasty,” as one student who wished to remain anonymous said. This student that it has a stale texture compares the pizza to tasting like cardboard. With this being said, icomes to no surprise that students have complained that the food is not to their liking; however, it makes one wonder how would the students that work in the cafeteria feel about such comments and the very food they prepare. 

Julianna Cervantes, a Junior, has been a student worker at the cafeteria since the beginning of her sophomore year. With no prior work experience, she decided that a student worker is fitting for her, as her work would be close by and done during school hours. 

I didn’t think about [the cafeteria] as much.” Cervantes said concerning her time before becoming a student worker. Her mindset would change drastically after getting used to the cafeteria and developing bonds with the other workers.  

“Before, when people would make comments about [the cafeteria], I wouldn’t mind. But now that I see how much work [the cafeteria staff does], it irritates me,” Cervantes says.

When asked about Cervantes’s opinion on the food she helps prepare, Cervantes thoughts have not changed from before her student work. “The food is alright. It wouldn’t be my first choice, but it’s not my last, either.”

A former cafeteria student worker, Phillip Dobbins, demonstrates a bigger comprehension towards the food being served at the cafeteria. 

“The cafeteria food is as good as it can be for what [the cafeteria staff] can serve to students because it has to be nutritious,” he says. However, Dobbins acknowledges that some food may not be to everybody’s liking. 

Both Cervantes and Dobbins can agree on the value of the food served at the cafeteria. It may not be the best, but nonetheless, it should not garner the amount of complaints the food has received. After all, the food does reach the nutritional standard and it’s free.