Little Shop of Horrors Cast List Revealed!


Patty J. Fahey, Staff Writer

After a great show run for Shakespeare’s Love’s Labour’s Lost, the Hug High Harlequins have a new show casted! Just like last year, this spring they will perform a musical, this year, its Little Shop of Horrors! The show will run from May 11th-15th, so keep your eyes out for the performance with this amazing cast!

Cast List

Seymour: Damon Jones

Audrey: Jade Gualberto

Mushnik: Matthew Petersen

Orin: Noah Davidson

Ronette: Stephanie Calamateos

Chiffon: Samia Taylor

Crystal: Patricia Fahey

Audrey II Voice: Eddie Galardi

Audrey II Puppeteer: Emma George

Bernstein, Ship, Luce, and others: ShayLeigh Avalos

Ensemble: Julia Begonia, Briana Jacinto Lopez

Understudies: Julia Begonia, ShayLeigh Avalos

Assistant Director: Emma George