Hug Art Students Win Multiple Awards in Scholastic Art Program


Scholastic Art Winners (l to r) Shantel Magaoay, Joe Listinsky, Ms. Amador, Flodi Samonez, Kate HB

There’s no doubt that Hug High School is full of artistic and creative talent. This year, many Hug students are being recognized for these talents through the Scholastic Art Awards.

The Scholastic Art and Writing Awards is a program that recognizes young creatives for their hard work on the original pieces they submit. This year, every Hug student that participated won at least one award, many students winning multiple

Zoe Mansfield poses with American Vision nominee “Theodora”

The students who won were:

Kate Hughs-Baird: 2 gold keys in Sculpture and 1 silver key in Sculpture

Joe Listinksy: 3 gold keys in Drawing & Illustration, 1 gold key for Art Portfolio, 3 silver keys in Drawing & Illustration, 2 honorable mentions in Drawing & Illustration

Aaliyah Littlefield: 1 honorable mention in Sculpture

Shantel Magaoay: 3 silver keys in Digital Art, 1 honorable mention for Art Portfolio, 4 Honorable Mentions in Drawing & Illustration

Gabriella Ransome: 1 honorable mention in Drawing & Illustration

Flodi Samonez: 1 gold key in Digital Art, 1 honorable mention in digital art, 1 honorable mention in Painting, 1 honorable mention in Drawing and Illustration.

Zoe Mansfield speaks at Scholastic Program

Zoe Mansfield: 2 American Visions nominations, 4 gold keys in Painting, 1 silver key in Painting, 1 silver key in Ceramics & Glass.

Gold keys are awarded to students who submit the very best works in their local programs and are also automatically entered for national-level recognition. Silver keys are awarded to students who submit stand-out pieces that show exceptional ability. Honorable mentions are given to accomplished works that show great skill and potential. American Voices nominations are given to five gold key works across all categories and are seen as the “Best of the Show ” in their local programs.

These achievements are no small feat, as the Scholastic Awards receive over 320,000 entries over the 29 different categories, so it’s amazing that we have so many outstanding wins from Hug High School!