In Remembrance Of Mr. Lewis  


Estrella Alvarez, Staff Writer

Gregory Eugene Lewis, Teacher at Hug High School for the past 14 years has passed away on February 25, 2020 but his teachings and influence on Hug and Hawk students will remain a staple. Born August 30, 1953 in Fort Worth, Texas to Matthew C. Lewis and Georgia L. Richardson. His family and him later moved to Los Angeles, California- there he would devote himself to his faith.  

“He was a man of faith and he didn’t let anything stop him from telling others about that” says Ms. Bennett, librarian at Hug High School.  

According to Gregory Eugene Lewis’ Celebration of Life obituary, Mr. Lewis graduated from Thomas Jefferson High School in 1971, then in 1976 continued to achieve his Bachelor of Industrial Administration from General Motors Institute. In 1980, he acquired a master’s degree in Business Administration from Pepperdine University, an instructor credential in California Community colleges. Finally, in 2012, receiving a master’s degree in Educational leadership from Grand Canyon University.   

Mr. Lewis had a multitude of careers, such as in General Motor, Paker Packers and Marcs Inc. In operations and management, however in 2005, he resigned and began his career in secondary education.     

During his 14 years working at Hug High School, I had the privilege to have had him during my Freshman year in Photography 1. He encouraged students and coworkers to live by happiness and follow what their heart desires. Encouraging students to be involved in business but still hold their passions near, such as photography was for him. Mr. Lewis was very attached to his “WOW” description of images, for those unfamiliar, a “WOW” image reflected a picture that demonstrated a sense of positivity that could not be described as anything other than expressing admiration. During photography, Mr. Lewis often began his class showing appreciation toward images that the students had took for his assignments and as a group analyzed characteristics that defined the image as “WOW.” Characteristics ranging from the image at face value and to a deeper element, such as a sentimental provocation.  

“He would always give us constructive criticism on our photos, even if they were bad.” Samantha Perez, a junior at Hug High School and former photography student of Mr. Lewis says. 

Mr. Lewis had a huge impact on others during his time at Hug. Teaching students about schoolwork alongside typical advice for life.  

“There wasn’t ever a day where we didn’t learn.” says Leann, Junior at Hug and former student of Mr. Lewis.  

He had unique characteristics that would have left anyone smiling. For one student, it was his laugh. 

“He always had this type of laugh or chuckle. I can’t explain it, but it was a distinct trait.” says Mika, another former student of Mr. Lewis.  

Or his famous birthday song, that he was always quick to sing at the top of his lungs whenever a birthday was mentioned because if one thing is for sure, Mr. Lewis always made sure to make others feel appreciated, such as his support towards all his student’s photos but not limited to photography.  

Tammy, a Cafeteria worker at Hug states that Mr. Lewis always recognized her, not as a lunch lady but as another coworker.  

Mr. Lewis brought joy and happiness to all surrounding him through the way he conversed with students and coworkers. He frequently spoke about traveling to different places to take photos, to explore the world and in general to explore. 

“Traveling is something I definitely want to do in my life, and he’s given me great places to seek for myself.” Mika says. To another student, Leann- Mr. Lewis has influenced her to become an engineer. 

Another passion for Mr. Lewis was business and teaching kids about business and for his culture. Often Mr. Lewis told stories about his childhood and growing up; sometimes his stories would demonstrate his difficulties and struggles but Mr. Lewis never let any of his struggles define him- he always walked with his head held high and with a smile greeting those he passed.  

“When his kids were out taking pictures, he would stroll on into the library and say hello and say that it was a good morning.”  Ms. Bennett says.  

Mr. Lewis made the effort to appreciate others and to spread joy, it is no wonder that everyone only had positive words to say about him, describing him as focused, thoughtful, caring, honest, passionate, enthusiastic, wise and charismatic. Mr. Lewis cannot be put into words, what he has done for the Hug community is unforgettable and will continue to be remembered. Thank you for all you have done, all you have contributed and for demonstrating your many passions to Hug.