It’s Spooky Season!- Celebrating Halloween Responsibly


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Little girl trick or treating during COVID-19 pandemic.

Angel Ocampo Salazar, Co-Editor in Chief

It’s officially the spooky season and it’s time to plan celebrations. However, we have to address the elephant in the room; we are still in a pandemic. This means that Halloween will look a bit differently this year. We are expected to practice social distancing, wear face coverings, and avoid large gatherings. In some places, like Los Angeles, trick-or-treating and Halloween parties have already been prohibited. Although Nevada’s government hasn’t placed such a ban on Halloween celebration, we still have to follow COVID-19 guidelines.

This year, attending a big Halloween party might not be the best decision. Large parties will undoubtedly be sources of COVID-19 transmission if rules are violated. If you do decide to attend/plan a Halloween party you should do what you can to avoid transmission. Transmission be can be more easily avoided if the party is held outside, masks are worn, and the number of attendees is limited. Governor Sisolak recently lifted the 50 person limit on gatherings, but other preventative measures should still be taken to minimize the risk of transmission.

Trick-or-treating is a similarly risky activity. Children probably shouldn’t go door-to-door interacting with strangers, but there are ways to do so safely. Personal protective equipment like gloves and masks should be worn when collecting and giving candy/treats of any kind. It might be interesting to try and incorporate a mask into these costumes. Some people think that their children will contract COVID-19 from collecting candy at strangers’ houses, but this shouldn’t be that much of a concern. There is a higher chance of contracting COVID-19 by proximity to an infected individual than touching from the candy they give out. However, it wouldn’t hurt to take the time to sanitize your wrapped candy before opening and eating it.

There are other things you can do now to get into the spirit of Halloween. All month long several fall activities are available that are still safe for a pandemic. A haunted house might not be the safest place to be because it is a closed space, but there is a fun alternative available outdoors. Starting on the eighth of October, the Andelin Family Farm will hold its annual Corn Creepers Maze. Like a typical haunted house, you make your way through the maze and interact with both animatronics and scare actors. To reduce capacity, they are only selling their tickets online rather than in person. Tickets are $15 per person and can be purchased at

If you are looking for less of a scary option, then you can look there and elsewhere for activities like a pumpkin patch. Ferrari farms are offering free admission to their movie nights, pumpkin patch, corn maze, and more at their annual Fall Festival. You can visit their website at for more info.

You don’t even need to leave home to get in the spirit. It’s never to early to start carving pumpkins with friends and family. Decorating your home for Halloween may also be a fun activity. You can also make use of old sheets and try the ghost photoshoot challenge. The trend originated on Tik-Tok but can be fun for anyone to do. You simply wear a white sheet, some sunglasses, and grab your camera for your own photoshoot.

Whatever you decide to do this year, make sure you stay safe, wear your masks, and have fun!