New Semester = New Opportunities


Angel Ocampo Salazar, Co-Editor in Chief

This school year has been one of the most difficult that Hug High School has had to face. Students have struggled with the use of both hybrid and distance learning models for many reasons. For one, it is challenging to stay concentrated for hours at a time looking at a computer screen. On top of that, it is hard for distance learning students to be apart from the community of support they would have on a normal school year. COVID-19 restrictions have prevented students from participating in all the extracurriculars that make them love coming to school.  But the school year is not yet done, and the activities that students love to do, are making their return.

In the next few weeks, several sports teams will start their practices after school. Boy’s & Girl’s Soccer, Football, volleyball, tennis, and Cross Country have already started their preseason training. Any Hug student can come to these practices after school regardless if they are on the Hybrid or Full-Distance Learning. There are of course guidelines in place for both practices and competition in place for protection against the transmission of COVID-19. Masks must be worn at all times when not doing strenuous exercise. Students must maintain social distance when applicable during practices.

Aside from sports, clubs are also beginning their practices again. Most of these clubs however are meeting through zoom, so if students are on full distance learning, then they can also attend. For example, the Mock Trial and Science Bowl Teams have both practiced and competed using the zoom format. Students in JROTC can participate in Raider Challenge, Drill Team, and the Rifle Team if they would like. These practices are also following their own COVID-19 Guidelines.

This year can still produce good memories. There is no reason to give up. COVID-19 will not define this year, we will.