Hug students’ success in Scholastic Art Award competition

March 2, 2021

Every year, the Nevada Art Museum invites students to submit their artwork to the Scholastic Art Award Competition. They give several awards and designations to the works students submit. Many artists from Hug submitted their work for their competition and received recognition and awards for their stellar work. These students were: Gabriella Ransome, a sophomore; Emma Lee Snyder, a sophomore; Kate Hughs-Baird, a senior; Augustine Porras, a senior; Val Weinzweig, a senior; and Daphne Arreola, a senior who received a special distinction.

“Burbujas”-Daphne Arreola’s American Visions-nominated piece


Though all of Hug’s awards received commendation for work, Daphne was among five of the applicants nominated for the American Visions award. The selection committee for the competition was asked to choose five of the Gold Key Award winners to c. Her submission Burbujas, or bubbles in her native Spanish, is a hanging sculpture that depicts a bubble wand surrounded by bubbles that are sinking to the ground. Daphne said in an interview that she drew inspiration from the summers of her childhood when she would have bubble-blowing competitions with her family. She wanted to capture the nostalgia and vibrance of that time through the colors and creation of the piece. To hear Daphne speak, go to minute 26:16 in the video.

Pullquote Photo

“Just like childhood, bubbles don’t last forever””

— Daphne Arreola







Along with Daphne, Kate Hughs Baird interviewed to discuss her photo portfolio, Faces, and her second portfolio, Prints. Her portfolios were given the Gold Key Designation for which she earned two scholarships. Kate plans to continue pursuing art in the future, though that may not be her only career choice. All of These artists did an amazing job representing our school and these accomplishments are a clear sign of their hard work and talent in the area of Art. They were all helped by Mrs. Kocian who has been helping students submit their work for several years now. To hear Kate speak, go to 22:54 in the video.

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“Artistic and non-creative pursuits don’t have to be separated””

— Kate Hughs-Baird


“Prints”- The second Gold Key winning Portfolio by Kate Hughs-Baird
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