Hug Soccer Shoots for the Stars


As many of us were wrapping up our summer vacation, our soccer players were working hard on the field in preparation for tryouts.

One of this year’s varsity team captains, Bryan Gomez, explains the importance of summer training, stating how  “‘pre-season’ entrenamientos sirven para ver que tanta habilidad tienen los nuevos jugadores … para ir planeando lo que vamos hacer en la temporada.” (“preseason training serves to assess the abilities of new players … so we can make plans for the season.”)

In order to make progress this season, Head Coach Nico expressed how  “Everything starts in the classroom – good grades, behavior, attitude – everything goes hand in hand into the soccer field.” It is clear that maintaining academics is key for success on the field. 

“The goal for this season is to obviously make it to the regional championship,” said Coach Fransisco.  “If the kids have good grades and a good attitude, everything should follow up onto the soccer field and the boys have to work hard at it.”

Bryan Gomez assures this: “Vamos hacer todo lo posible para conseguir eso, para que nuestras familias estén orgullosos de nosotros y por el esfuerzo que estamos haciendo” (“We will do everything possible to be able to achieve this, so that our families can be proud of us and for all the effort we are doing.”)

In addition to their drive to do well this season, seniors on both varsity teams are motivated to put forth their best effort and enjoy their last high school season to the fullest. 

“We go one step at a time,” says Coach Nico, “we shoot for the stars, but we have to go step by step.”