Stress and Congestion Relieved with New Traffic System


It’s a new school year and the school is ripe with change. One of the most notable changes is the addition of a new parking system for entrance and exit of the school parking lots. Last year students and parents alike would scramble to get their cars into the campus. Some parents would drop off their children wherever they could stop and would stop the flow of traffic. At the end of the day vehicles would become congested at the school’s gates. Their process consisted of wasting time and common courtesy, but this didn’t mean that the method was effective.

This year a new system of parking implemented to alleviate the problem. The process of driving around the school is as simple as following the arrows and knowing to follow the system. Before the school’s two front gates were used for both entering and exiting like revolving doors. Now they are separate of each other so that each gate is reserved for the purpose of entering or exiting. One of the school’s deans, Ms. Daniels, stated that” (Last year) It was a big problem. People would come in and leave from each entrance and slow everything down.” The flow of traffic is no longer disturbed by sudden stops for student drop offs because cars are guided to a drop off area. Another change to the system was the placing of buses closer to the football field to make the drop offs easier.

Some students and parents aren’t as enthusiastic about the new parking system. Some of them think that it is unnecessary. One parent said that “It doesn’t save me any time. I think that they should go back to the old process so that parents can get out of here quicker.”(Translated from Spanish). Some students think that there should be something else in place of the barriers. The barriers are arguably necessary during the busiest hours of the parking lot, but they aren’t long after school has ended. Students who stay a while after school find that the barriers are a nuisance.

Although the system may need some getting used to, it may become appealing to drivers later in the year. There are people who do and don’t like the system. With that said,  how do you stand?

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