Hug’s First Assembly Moves Outside

Hugs First Assembly Moves Outside

Emily Mejia, Student Life Editor

With the beginning of school comes the beginning of several different school activities. One of which was last week’s spirit week leading up to the school assembly on Friday.
The theme for this spirit week was “Hawks Take On Coachella” and included days inspired by several Coachella artists. Friday also marked the first assembly of the 2019-2020 school year. However, this assembly was unlike any we’ve seen before as it took place on the football field. In addition, the assembly itself was supposed to be more of a field day instead of a traditional assembly and feature booths for clubs on campus to attract new members. However, due to the short notice leadership was unable to allow clubs to have booths at the assembly.
The assembly featured multiple “sports” games but with a twist. Games such as “Jumbo Soccer,” “Bump-Set-Dunk,” “Twisted Tennis,” and “Slow Country,” featured teachers and students competing against each other, with players from both teams taking a few hits.

In addition to games, we also saw the usual competition among the 4 classes. Although the freshman and sophomore classes were a bit shy, the juniors and seniors were giving it their all.

2019 Seniors

This assembly marks a new beginning for our school assemblies as well as our school year, leaving us to wonder what’s to come later in the year.