Hug Student Plays Show at Recycled Records Vinyl LP Spintacular 


Staff Writer

Note: Zoe is a non-binary trans person and uses they/them pronouns.

Zoe Mansfield, a senior at Hug, performed with their band B/P/D at Recycled Records for the Vinyl LP Spintacular on August 24, 2019. The folk-punk duo, comprised of Mansfield and JJ Mazzucotelli, a Sophomore at UNR, took to the stage at noon, playing a half-hour set on a riser at the front of the shop to a crowd of vinyl enthusiasts, friends, and fans that came to participate in the event. 

The Spintacular was a way for the owner of the record store, Paul Doege, to purge his collection of over 3,500 records before he retires in September of this year. Doege has owned Recycled Records since the 1980s and has an extensive record collection spanning nearly every genre of music. Everything from Nina Simone to Clan of Xymox, ABBA,  Rolling Stones, Woody Guthrie, and local Reno artists like Color TV can be found on the tightly packed shelves in the store. 

B/P/D has performed on the small stage of the used record store before. “Recycled Records was the first venue we ever played, it means a lot to us.” says JJ Mazzucotelli, the drummer for the band. The set consisted of eight songs, five of which were original songs written by Mansfield, the guitarist and singer for the band. The songs draw  inspiration from the politics and experiences of both band members. During the set, B/P/D covered serious themes such as sexual assault, depression, gentrification, and the Queer experience. “Songwriting is a really effective way for me to process stressful events in my life. It’s an avenue for me to express my opinions about the world,” says Mansfield, discussing their musical process. 

The band draws inspiration from bands such as Against Me!, Pat the Bunny, Woody Guthrie, and The Mountain Goats  informing their fast-paced energetic stage presence and highly political content. “ The songs always end up being faster on stage,” Mansfield says, “it gets to be kind of a problem when you’re scheduled for 45 minutes but end up finishing our set in half an hour.”

 When asked about their band’s name, Mazzucotelli explains, “it used to stand for something, but as time passed we’ve completely forgotten what it was supposed to mean.” Mansfield adds that they went through several other names before B/P/D stuck, “We went by The Bleach Boys for a short time. Foot B*tch was also a contender, but I had a hard time imagining what I was going to say to my dad when he asked about the band.” 

B/P/D will be playing another show at the Holland Project, an all-ages venue in Midtown on September 6th, 2019.