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Ms. Mack- Art

Ms. Mack- Art

Leann Stick, Staff Writer November 21, 2019

At the beginning of the school year, many new teachers joined the Hug High School staff. However, one teacher started a little later into the year than the others: Ms. Mack, an art teacher of six years....

Mr. J. OBrien - Science

Mr. J. O’Brien – Science

Jasiel Medina, Staff Writer October 24, 2019

Mr. O’Brien is a new chemistry teacher at Hug High School this year. Before he got into teaching, Mr. O’Brien was a scientist. He says that he left being a scientist for teaching because, “the country...

Mr. Rosales - Guidance Counselor

Mr. Rosales – Guidance Counselor

Patty J. Fahey, Staff Writer October 24, 2019

Introducing Mr. Rosales, one of our new guidance counselors this year at Hug High School. This will mark Mr. Rosales’ first year being a guidance counselor, and he is very grateful to be here. Before...

Mr. Williams – Freshman Seminar

David O'Grady, Staff Writer October 24, 2019

Mr. Williams is a new Freshman Seminar teacher here at Hug High School.  He teaches in C-07A/B and has been teaching for over a decade.  Originally, he taught in Las Vegas, but chose to go to Hug. ...

Mrs. Sevilla - Special Education

Mrs. Sevilla – Special Education

Jasiel Medina, Staff Writer October 24, 2019

Mrs. Sevilla is from Sacramento, CA and is a new teacher at Hug High School for Special ED kids. Before she went to college as an aid for students with autism, she knew she wanted to be a teacher, but...

Mr. S. O’Brien – Freshman Seminar

Sierra Warren, Staff Writer October 24, 2019

Mr. O'Brien, the new freshman seminar teacher, is excited to learn and get to know Hug's students and teachers. He said he was excited to grow and be challenged this school year. O'Brien became a teacher...

Mr. DeMichieli - History

Mr. DeMichieli – History

Leann Stick, Staff Writer October 23, 2019

In the new school year, many teachers were welcomed to the staff of Hug High School. One of these teachers being Mr. DeMichieli, a social studies teacher. Originally teaching at Traner Middle School for...

Mr. Rhode-Special Education

Mr. Rhode-Special Education

Estrella Alvarez, Staff Writer October 23, 2019

New to Reno and New to Hug. He’s Mr. Rhode!  With the beginning of a new school year comes new faces. This year Hug High School welcomed Mr. Rhode to the Washoe County School District as a new special...

Mr. Hetakeyama

Guillermo Garcia, Staff Writer October 10, 2019

Brent Hetakeyama a geometry teacher at Hug High and is also the athletic trainer, who helps injured students at every game. Mr. Hetakeyama is a very respectful and cool person. He loves being outdoors...

Mr. Savage-Special Education

Mr. Savage-Special Education

David O'Grady, Staff Writer September 20, 2019

Mark Savage is a new teacher here at Hug High School.  This year, he is teaching 9th grade English and Special Education, co-teaching with Hug High veteran Ms. Kezios.  Mr. Savage has taught for many...

Mrs. Sego-Assistant Principal

Mrs. Sego-Assistant Principal

Leann Stick, Staff Writer September 19, 2019

It’s the beginning of a new school year at Hug High school, and many new teachers and administrators have been welcomed to the school. One of these new administrators is Mrs. Sego, an assistant principal....


Mrs. DeMichieli-Counselor

Lizbeth Gurrola, Staff Writer September 19, 2019

This new school year at Hug High, we received many new staff members and teachers. One of our new staff members is Andrea DeMichieli, a guidance counselor. DeMichieli has been enjoying the new school...

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