New Semester = New Opportunities

New Semester = New Opportunities

Angel Ocampo Salazar, Co-Editor in Chief February 23, 2021

This school year has been one of the most difficult that Hug High School has had to face. Students have struggled with the use of both hybrid and distance learning models for many reasons. For one, it...

Lebrons pregame chalk toss

Superstitions or Science?

Felix Ladaga, Sports Writer February 19, 2020

  Pregame rituals are a sight to behold in sports. Most players do it before games, and every player that does a pre-game ritual has a different way of doing it, such as Steph Curry’s tunnel...

A Tribute to Kobe

A Tribute to Kobe

Felix Ladaga, Staff Writer January 30, 2020

Five time NBA champion, two time NBA finals MVP, Olympic gold medalist, Oscar winner, loving father of 4. Considered one of the greatest to play in NBA history, inspiring many generations of basketball...

Hug's Annual Co-ed Soccer Tournament

Hug’s Annual Co-ed Soccer Tournament

Estrella Alvarez, Staff Writer January 22, 2020

Hug High School is hosting its 6th annual Co-ed Soccer Tournament and the Hawk students are all fired up for it; with the tournament already starting about a week before winter break. The tournament...

1st Period Weights Class

The Importance of Weights Class

Guillermo Garcia and January 7, 2020

Hug High School has a certain type of class referred to as ‘Weights class’ that focuses on a lot of body strength, that helps students get stronger and healthier. Coach Gravier said’s...

Jugaron Como Nunca: Boys Soccer Overcome the Season

Jugaron Como Nunca: Boys Soccer Overcome the Season

(They Played Like Never Before: Boys Soccer Overcome the Season)
Guillermo Garcia and Yesenia Ruiz Garcia November 15, 2019

The soccer program here at Hug is quite a competitive sport, held together by a particularly supportive team. Throughout the Fall season, the Hug team had to overcome a lot of big obstacles such as...

Hawkeye Fall Players of the Season

Hawkeye Fall Players of the Season

Yesenia Ruiz Garcia, Sports Editor November 13, 2019

This year, the Hawkeye Sports Staff would like to present the very first group of student-athletes to be recognized as Hawkeye Players of the Season. The following students have been nominated by their...

“Fore!”: Girls Golf Ends the Season on a Full Swing

October 29, 2019

Although golf is one of the more unfamiliar sports teams here at Hug, they have performed admirably well this season - with Sophomore, Miriam Pippin, placing 2nd overall in the High Desert League. Returning...

“Taking Small Steps”: Varsity Football Makes Progress vs. Northgate

Yesenia Ruiz Garcia, Sports Editor September 13, 2019

Enervated, yet determined the hawks enter the fourth quarter down by 28 points. The pressure increases, along with the desire to score. It was only in the final quarter of the game where our hawks were...

Hug Cross Country team 19-20

Hug Cross Country Starts Strong Out of the Gate

Angel Ocampo Salazar, News editor August 27, 2019

Last Friday, while most students were enjoying the first assembly, Hug's cross country team started off their season in Gardnerville. The cross country team is one of the school's smallest teams, but...

Varsity Football Leaves Sparks Home Field with a 34 - 0 Loss

Varsity Football Leaves Sparks Home Field with a 34 – 0 Loss

Yesenia Ruiz Garcia, Sports Editor August 26, 2019

Our varsity football team took on the Sparks Railroaders on their home turf last Friday, where our Hawks, unfortunately, caught their first loss of the season. Early in the game, the Railroaders were able...

Hug Soccer Shoots for the Stars

Hug Soccer Shoots for the Stars

Yesenia Ruiz Garcia, Sports Editor August 20, 2019

As many of us were wrapping up our summer vacation, our soccer players were working hard on the field in preparation for tryouts. One of this year's varsity team captains, Bryan Gomez, explains the...

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