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Estrella Alvarez, Staff Writer

Estrella Alvarez is a talented 15-year-old girl and a sophomore at Hug High School and just like any other human being, she is not perfect. Estrella tends to overthink and gets anxious during situations"I tend to get anxious very much and I over think a lot I'm trying to overcome that," she says. "It’s not that I like having it but sometimes things happen. For me personality, when I’m not talking to someone and I’m just by myself, I tend to overthink things that already happened and it shouldn’t even matter anymore.”

Estrella is proud of herself for overcoming her struggles, but sometimes they still persist. “I used to have this habit of being very timid; I would be walking and I would sit down and not look anyone in the eyes but I think I overcame that. I mean, I still haven’t fully overcome it; I still get anxious but not to the point where I panic.” Just like any other human being, she has a goal in her life, wants to accomplish things, and here are her words: “Well, first, I want to graduate high school and college. I don’t want to be rich; I’m fine not being a millionaire; I just want a happy home and a job.” Estella is an amazing girl just by asking her questions and I know she’s going to accomplish these things and be someone in life just like how she wants to.  

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Estrella Alvarez